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Wakker worden met: Tayla

Het is prettiger wakker worden naast een vrouw dan in een leeg bed, daar zal iedere man het over eens zijn.

En als je het dan toch voor het uitkiezen hebt... Juist, dan doe je het direct ook goed.

Begin je dag met de Zuid-Afrikaanse Tayla Davis. Deze knappe verschijning is momenteel fulltime bezig met modellenwerk en woont momenteel in Cape Town. Goed nieuws: ze is de helft van een tweeling. Kun je ook niet wachten tot morgenochtend? 


This year started off very differently from last year, a lot lighter and wiser. 2018 has been a time of major shifts of perspectives, lots of pain and challenges that detached me from judgmental views and catapulted my way of living to a place of balance. A realization that I am creative energy and that my every thought, word and feeling was designing my reality. In that realization I began to put more focus on the frequency I was operating on and increasing it by charging it with positive , nourishing thoughts and words. I continue to choose being around people who are effortless to be around, who nourishes my soul as much as I nourish theirs. Existence is as simple as existing joyfully in everything you do. I promise myself never to forget that and to never lose myself again in things and people who don’t fulfill that. I have created the perfect start to this year with people I absolutely adore and who leaves me feeling recharged and high on love. What a blessed and grateful being I am 🙏🏻 May there be many more moments like these and may there be many more lessons I embrace with open arms to continue teaching me what life is truly about🙏🏻 Happy 2019✨ #newyear #2019

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✨A lovely savage. A delicate beast✨ @somethingsassy_sa

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Keep your face always towards the sunshine and your shadow will fall behind you- Walt Whitman

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